My story.

Hi this is James Burks. I am deaf since born by German measles. I born and raised up in Orlando. Now, living in PA and married to beautiful deaf lady. We have 2 wonderful kids (they are not deaf).

I first learn about Bible, God, and Jesus when I was about 7 years old via interpreter in a Baptist church. I visited there several times then stop. I did not go there until I was about 10 years old.
I learned that there was a deaf ministry under First Baptist Church of Pine hills (now changed to FBC of Central Fla). That is where I came to understood about salvation but not that moment....roughly 11 years later.

I finally understood about born again. That changed my life completed. Before I born again, I was drug-addicted and I even almost die from overdose of LSD. From point of born again to 2000's, I was somewhat frustration with eschatology. It always bother me. It was not make any sense to me.

Then I enrolled Deaf Bible College to earned THG degree and become pastor in Pittsburgh, Pa. I started a deaf church but not last long....only roughly 7 years. Somehow, we ended up into Nazarene Israelite. Because of Matt. 5:17-18. BUT that last only about 1 and half years.

My friend sent me an article about heaven/earth. THAT is when we finally understood about Matt. 5:17-18....we started off as partial preterists....we study and learn...the more we learn, partial become fade....we arrived into full eschatology, that was roughly 8 months after we first learn about Truth of the Eschatology. I can see big difference between my young Christian life and now. WOW! I am thrilled to know the truth about fulfilled eschatology.

Same thing with my wife. We are so grateful and free from confused & frustrated. Funny, I already knew that I have VICTORY in my life while I was in futuristism. Noiw, I know Victory is true.

Jesus rock!


  1. Very good story! I'm happy for you and others like me! I have learned a lot lately in the past few years on Full Preterist.

  2. You were never deaf. If you were deaf the Word of God would not have entered into your mind. You hear, and hear better than billions of people with their physical ears functioning.

  3. hello, anybody home?

    We like your blog.


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