My story.

Hi this is James Burks. I am deaf since born by German measles. I born and raised up in Orlando. Now, living in PA and married to beautiful deaf lady. We have 2 wonderful kids (they are not deaf).

I first learn about Bible, God, and Jesus when I was about 7 years old via interpreter in a Baptist church. I visited there several times then stop. I did not go there until I was about 10 years old.
I learned that there was a deaf ministry under First Baptist Church of Pine hills (now changed to FBC of Central Fla). That is where I came to understood about salvation but not that moment....roughly 11 years later.

I finally understood about born again. That changed my life completed. Before I born again, I was drug-addicted and I even almost die from overdose of LSD. From point of born again to 2000's, I was somewhat frustration with eschatology. It always bother me. It was not make any sense to me.

Then I enrolled Deaf Bible College to earned THG degree and become pastor i…

Lord, I am so sorry!

Over the past couple of years I have experienced a huge reality check in my spiritual walk with the Lord. I have, in my ignorance, been calling Him a false prophet and a deceptive liar.

The beginning of my trek out of error began with an in depth online Bible study through the Book of Hebrews. Many of my convictions of spiritual truths were made stronger which often happens when I debate scripture. Many of the ones on this study were pastors and teachers and the debate got rather heated at times which is OK because iron sharpens iron and fire refines and removes the dross. I often blame my fiery attitude on being a red headed Irish person but the real reason is that I am a highly committed person to Christ and the doctrinal truths revealed to us in scripture. Or, so I thought.

Heated debates through the first 9 chapters brought me closer to and more convinced of the truths scripture reveals of our Lord and Saviour. Then the bomb when off and I was totally undone. …

My Testimony.

ByKen Palmer

I was brought up by a Presbyterian mother and an agnostic father. Went to church my whole life growing up, and got saved at Bible camp in Australia when I was 12. My father worked for Goodyear International, so we traveled a lot, and I was in touch with many faiths and cultures. When I moved to Chile, I began to move away from the faith and delve more into worldly things, started playing guitar seriously (played music since I was five...piano mostly and moved into guitar around 10 years old).

Although I smoked pot sporadically and drank rarely before the 10th grade, I began doing more of it in High School when I was in Chile. The drinking age was 18, but we were American, so it seemed ok for us teenagers to waltz into a bar and order drinks. My usage increased and my church attendance decreased, thanks to my non-religious father who didn't force us to go, which I am sure upset my mother, but I never saw that part of that program.

When I graduated High Sch…

This is a testimony of how I came to the Preterist position of Eschatology, the study of 'Last Things'

My objective here is to simply share the story of how I came to believe what I believe, and hopefully my story will cause someone to think about what they've been taught as far as the "End Times," or the study of Last Things.

I became a 'born-again Christian' Dec 10, 1984, after growing up in a staunch Roman Catholic family.  It was a very super-natural, God-driven experience... not a case of a "god-shaped hole" in my heart being filled.  I was a rotten sinner in need of a savior.  As far as the Roman Catholic Church, it was a group where pretty much everyone believed the same way as far as the essentials.  There weren't any doctrinal differences that I knew of.  Virtually no one questioned the teachings of the preists, bishops, cardinals - the Pope even had this thing called "Papal infallability" ! There was no second-guessing of any teachings or doctrines going on in my religious world as a practicing Catholic.

It would be many years as …

JP, The French Preterist

Hi, my name is Jean-Pierre Côté
Born in 1957 in Montreal, Canada Raised as a Catholic (nominal), I became an evangelical Christian in 1984.
Studied in bible colleges and seminary, I was a music director in a Pentecostal church, prison ministry, mid week bible study leader, evangelist, substitute preacher, etc.  Became a  4 pt Calvinist then a 5 point Calvinist.

This rocked my church life, they kicked me out. Went to Baptist & Brethren churches to finally have a house church with about 18 members.  Today I do not attend any regular local church but I visit my brothers and sister now and then.
About ten years ago, I bought a couple of books which seemed interesting.  Apocalypse Conspiracy and End Times Madness.
They slowly worked their way in my understanding until I started to dive directly in the study of Preterism.
After reading a good sample of all the different positions within Preterism, I have come to hold A Full Preterist view. This answers more questions than…

How I came to the Preterist view.

I was brought up in a non believing home, nominally Catholic. When I was 19 the Lord revealed Himself to me through His Word and I believed. That was 1980. I had just moved to Las Vegas, NV from Southern California. I was living with my brother and his wife and he had just gone forward at a Billy Graham crusade a few months earlier.
So I ended up going to his Assembly of God then after meeting a friend and being invited to a great Bible Study I started to attend a Four-Square church. During this time I married Bill , we met at that Bible study called Fish city. We me married in the 1980s and had our first two children.
At the Four-square church a little bit of end times was taught it was not quite dispensational.

The pastor did teach that we are the temple, we are Zion, we are the New Jerusalem. This really stuck out in my mind and later when we attended a Calvary Chapel and were exposed to strong Dispensational teaching for the first time we did question some of the statements. It…

God really got my attention.

Mark Church.

At age 18-19 (in 2002), when I decided to give God a chance to prove HIMSELF, I was in the U.S. Air Force and had made it past boot camp. As I was in my Tech school training, I developed exercised induced asthma (which wasn't that severe), but they don't even allow you to stay in if you have it a little bit. I was being discharged and didn't know what I was going to do when I got out. I need to add that I was in boot camp when the Trade Towers were attacked on September 11th, 2001. So one night a few weeks before they gave me my DD214 (discharge papers) and sent me home, I broke down in the shower and cried out to God.

I said, "God, if you're even real, please show me who you are and what purpose I am here for. I want to know if you're Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Allah, Mohammed, etc.. (every name I could think of that had a religious "Messiah/God" connotation). 30 minutes after I got out of the shower, my sister randomly called me. Before I c…