Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JP, The French Preterist

Hi, my name is Jean-Pierre Côté

Born in 1957 in Montreal, Canada Raised as a Catholic (nominal), I became an evangelical Christian in 1984.

Studied in bible colleges and seminary, I was a music director in a Pentecostal church, prison ministry, mid week bible study leader, evangelist, substitute preacher, etc.  Became a  4 pt Calvinist then a 5 point Calvinist.

This rocked my church life, they kicked me out. Went to Baptist & Brethren churches to finally have a house church with about 18 members.  Today I do not attend any regular local church but I visit my brothers and sister now and then.

About ten years ago, I bought a couple of books which seemed interesting.  Apocalypse Conspiracy and End Times Madness.

They slowly worked their way in my understanding until I started to dive directly in the study of Preterism.

After reading a good sample of all the different positions within Preterism, I have come to hold A Full Preterist view. This answers more questions than any other eschatological system.

I work a whole lot in the French community on the net trying to spread the Word of (Fulfilled eschatology)

Thank God for the internet and
God bless you all.


  1. God is still working in the lives of his people.

  2. "This answers more questions than any other eschatological system."

    I agree JP. : )

  3. Bonjour,
    Pour moi aussi, Le Seigneur me guide et m a revele ce que Jesus a dit en Mat. 24 c est bien passe.
    Je ne suis ni preterist, ni calvinist, ni dispensationalist, ni rien du tous. Le Saint Soufle de Dieu YHWH YaH me guide.
    Merci et benedictions dans Son Amour,
    Yves L.


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