Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I became a Heretic.

Charles Shank

Some have been wondering where my story is, so here it is in short ( relatively );

I was brought up, from as early as I can remember, in the Reformed Baptist tradition. From what I remember; eschatology was never a huge consideration or worry, so I never really got into that aspect of doctrine until about my mid-teens when my family left the Reformed Baptists and adopted the moniker 'Reformed'. At this point; I started to become familiar with names like Gary North, George Grant, Rushdoony, and even, later on, Demar.

In my late teens and early twenties; I was introduced to some of the work of Max Sotak from Colorado, and of J. Stuart Russel and others, like Josephus. With the help and instrumentation of these men, and the Holy Spirit; I began to be a Berean and study the Scriptures for myself, and, putting two and two together, to see that what I'd been taught ( postmillenialism ) did not quite add up. I started out then, as something like partial ( inconsistent ) preterism, and gradually, God brought me, through many means,, to understand that all biblical prophecy had been fulfilled in the first-century with the 'cloud' judgment of national physical Israel.


  1. Alma Rivera

    There is not such thing as a partial preterist only futurist. But good story Charles

  2. Charles Shank

    I agree, Alma; maybe 'not-fully- convinced preterist' would be more like it!:)

  3. Karen Kitto

    How I became a Heretic. I love it LOL

  4. Karen Kitto

    We heretics are in great company they called Jesus a heretic to for teaching what the Bible said.

  5. Tracy Copeland Mayle

    Galileo was another of my favorite heretics! Imagine... the earth revolving around the sun... nonsense!:-P (I so look forward to the day when futurism = flat earth mentality.)

  6. Hey, you're a heretic, too!? I got that thrown in my face all the time. Those who take the blue pill know not what they do. May Our Lord forgive them and open their eyes.

    Good story!

  7. Is Sotak a full preterist? I asked him if he knew of any local full preterist churches but he said he didnt and I didn't bother to find out if he was a full preterist.


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